Book Giveaway #2 Of 11

The fine folks over at Premiere Speakers Bureau have hooked me up with some autographed books to give away. If you’re looking for great speakers like Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Oliver North, Neil Cavuto, Michael Reagan, Zell Miller, David Limbaugh, Dick Morris, Ben Shapiro, Vince Lombardi, Peggy Noonan, Neal Boortz, & G. Gordon Liddy for an event, Premiere can arrange it for a fee

Now on to the autographed books. I’m going to be doing a number of different contests, from now until December 16th, in order to give away the books you can find (and buy if you want) here.

There are only two things to keep in mind. First, I’m only going to allow each person to win one autographed book between now and the 16th. Also, after you win, you’ll need to send me your address via email so I can forward it on to Premiere (They’ll be sending the book directly out to you at some point after the 16th).

So are we ready for the first contest?

Here are the rules today: one guess per person, in the comments section, and the first person who gets the answer right wins the prize.

Today’s prize? It’s an autographed copy of Ann Coulter’s “How To Talk To A Liberal”.

Now here’s the trivia question you need to answer to win: My dog Patton is named after general George S. Patton and I’ve already decided that if I get any more dogs, they’ll also be named after American generals. Guess the 5 American generals who would be the namesakes for my dogs….

*** Update #1 ***: We have a winner…

Douglas McArthur
William Tecumseh Sherman
Winfield Scott
Tommy Franks
Andrew Jackson


Send me an email with your address hochbaum3…

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