Born To Clean Floors? Ugh!

This is despicable:

Parents of students at an Albany Park charter school are demanding the dismissal of a teacher who they say made slurs against Mexicans during a seventh-grade art class. Students in the class said the teacher, angry because she believed students had gotten paint on her jacket, said that “all Mexicans are criminals” and that Mexicans “were only born to clean floors.”

…About 35 parents met Monday with one of the principals of the school, who promised an investigation, but declined to immediately fire the teacher.

“I understand that they’re upset and I would be upset too, but no one makes a good decision in the heat of the moment,” said Principal Jose Velazquez. “We have to step back a little bit, listen to both sides and then hopefully get enough clarity so we can make a proper decision.”

Velazquez told parents he would meet with them again in two days to update them. He added that he was meeting with his “personnel department” to see what, if any, immediate measures could be taken.”

Whether kids are here illegally, the children of legal immigrants, or American citizens they should not be insulted in that fashion. Launching those sort of slurs at anyone is ignorant, but aiming them at 12 and 13 year old kids is absolutely unforgivable, particularly for a teacher. If those allegations are true, not only should the teacher be fired, she should never be hired to work with kids again.

Mexico may be a mess, but there are a lot of fine people who have come from that country, some of whom are now Americans, and they should not be stereotyped as criminals or as being “born to clean floors.”

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