Boy, Those Serial Killers Have It Tough…

You’ll never guess who Reuters is trying to drum up sympathy for with this “poor, poor, pitiful me” article — are you ready for this — death row inmates. Sure, they may have had a blast raping and murdering their way across the countryside, but now that they have to sit in a cell and wait to executed, they’re getting all depressed and giving up on their appeals.

Here’s the opening of the piece:

“Death row prisoners in the United States are saying they can’t take it anymore and asking to die.

Behind that trend is the reality of their living conditions — typically more than a decade of mind-numbing isolation under the specter of death with years of legal wrangling ending in dashed hopes and execution.

Oh no! Not “mind-numbing isolation” and “dashed hopes” for murderous thugs! Say it isn’t so! Here’s more from Reuters:

“Like inmates on death row across America, (Michael) Ross is locked up most of the day in a small cell with no access to prison sports or education programs, and no interaction with other inmates.

In an essay posted on the Internet by the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty, Ross describes his sliver of a window as offering “a wonderful view of the razor-wire fencing and outdoor recreation yard of the prison next door.”

Ross, who admitted killing eight women and raping most of them, was sentenced to death in 1987. He first asked to waive his appeals over a decade ago.”

Good grief! How can we look ourselves in the mirror every night when a serial murdering rapist isn’t being given “access to prison sports or education programs?” It’s just tragic, that’s what it is — tragic — of course, it’s not as tragic as being raped and murdered by someone like Michael Ross, is it?

As a society, we should do something about this perversion of the criminal system. So, why don’t we make sure these killers on death row get a “speedy and public trial,” a “speedy and public” appeal, and then if they’re found guilty, a “speedy” execution to send a message to other criminals and for the sake of victim’s family? That would be far more just than our current system, especially for the families of the victims who are given far too little consideration in matters of this sort…

Hat tip to Best Of The Web Today for the story.

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