Brazil Erects Monument to Honor Victims By Bob_Sacamano

Brazilian Judge Julier Sebastiao ruled that Brazil must begin fingerprinting American citizens in response to a new US policy that would fingerprint and photograph all foreigners entering the United States. The new US policy exempts some 27 countries from this security measure, but Brazil is not included in the list.

According to Judge Sebastiao, the new American security policy is “absolutely brutal, an attack on human rights, a violation of human dignity, xenophobic and as bad as the worst horrors sponsored by the Nazis.”

Therefore, Judge Sebastiao has ordered a monument to be erected and a memorial service to take place in the city of Sao Paulo in order to honor all Brazilian victims of US fingerprinting during this time of great tragedy. The monument will replace a currently standing monument to honor holocaust victims of World War II.

“It is absolutely appalling to see human rights violations of such proportions coming from the United States,” commented 23 year old art student Marcos K. Corverrio from Sao Paulo. He added that, “Even when the Nazis killed millions of Jews, at least they didn’t fingerprint them before they did it.”

A group of Brazilian protesters temporarily in the United States, has pleaded with Amnesty International and the United Nations in an open letter to condemn the American policy as “a clear violation of the most basic human rights known to mankind”. One spokesman for the group commented, “Today it’s only photographs and fingerprinting. Tomorrow, we’ll probably have to tell them why we’re visiting their country.” In the open letter to the two organizations, the group requested that action be taken against the United States, but asked that Brazil’s newly adopted anti-American fingerprinting policy receive immunity from being referred to as a human rights violation since “it is just a retaliatory response that’s absolutely necessary until Americans realize that they are not really as powerful as they think they are.”

The group of Brazilian protesters has vowed to fight the barbaric policies of the United States and declared that, “As long as people continue to fight oppression, maybe we can save a few people out there from the horrors of being fingerprinted.”

Thanks to RWN reader Bob_Sacamano for sending in this satire.

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