Breaking New Ground! Bush =’s The BTK Serial Killer

As an early supporter of The Huffington Post, I must say that the blog has certainly turned out to be a disappointment.

The “Lefty Drudge Style” news is rather run-of-the-mill, the writing is generally bad and only a few token conservatives are allowed to post. Of course, all that would have been forgivable had Arianna been able to deliver on all the celebrities who were promised before the blog’s “hyped to the heavens” debut.

Now some of you may wonder why I care about reading humdrum nonsense posted by a bunch of left-wing stars. I don’t per se, but if you’re going to relentlessly mock the sort of puerile drivel that makes up the day in, day out content of the Huffington Post, it would at least be nice to be making fun of famous people — even if we were talking about say Julia Louis-Dreyfus or Urkel. As it is, the Huffington Post is still a target rich environment for conservative bloggers, but making fun of nobodies who only post ever so often isn’t as much fun.

Speaking of “nobodies who only post ever so often” on The Huffington Post, an over-the-hill hippy named Paul Krassner has broken exciting new ground by comparing Bush to the BTK serial killer:

“There was something about Bush that reminded me of another president, a man I’d seen on the news the previous evening. It was the former president of his church, the BTK terrorist, justifying his project. Of course, to my knowledge, Bush hasn’t personally bound, tortured and killed anybody. Rather, his destiny was determined by that for which he was trained in college. Bush is our Cheerleader-in-Chief.”

Bravo Paul, bravo! At a time when the entire left side of the political spectrum is consumed by Bush bashing and comparing him to every despot and dictator who ever walked the earth, you’ve at least said Bush reminds you of a “new” evil person. Why, that’s the closest thing the Democratic Party has had to a new idea IN YEARS!

Still, everyone, be warned: According to Mr. Krassner’s bio, he claims to be some sort of “satirist.” I know, I know, that seems unlikely given that none of his previous posts appear to be funny. However, if you read his bio closely, Mr. Krassner brags about founding the Yippies & editing Lenny Bruce’s autobiography, so perhaps he is actually being funny, but we can’t understand it because his humor is so old and outdated.

PS #1: As an aside, despite the fact that the HP does enormous traffic, they’re running no ads. What’s the deal with that?

PS #2: Check out the Huffington’s Toast parody blog. They’re infinitely more entertaining than their inspiration.

PS #3: Boy, it’s really fun to crank out a bit of pure snark every now and then!

Hat tip to Instapundit for the story.

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