Bring On The Hate Mail!

Cheerio old chaps! I thought you might like to peruse some of the hate mail I get from liberal loonies! Read & enjoy!

From: David Dermody
Subject: Your brilliant

Hi John, anyone who supports this moron and his war mongering cronies has to pretty lost and not to bright. If you ever pull you head out of the wall street journal op ed section and watch something other than fox, and stop getting false info from Rush you would realize how bad off this country has become under this bone head. Take that bible you’re probably waving around and smack yourself in the head a few times with it. Maybe you’ll come to your senses.


Bill Clinton

P.S. Maybe you should try getting a hummer. Maybe than you wouldn’t be wrapped so tight.

Must not make obvious joke about his sister and getting a hummer, must not make obvious joke about his sister and getting a hummer, must not make obvious joke about his sister and getting a hummer…

From: Brenda Badih
Subject: wake-up John

Sir, are you kidding me? I have known about the Ashcroft “camps” for over a decade. They are both democrat and republican supported. If you have any doubts go to Alex Jone’s “”. There are many other sites that can set you on the road to revelation. But I suspect you are a nwo “plant” or in some serious block-headed denial. How else can you have missed this old news??? Whose side are you on? What color is your hat? Black or white? There can be no gray or blue this time. This is a real war for America. Us against the luciferian nwo. B

There are no camps. The Aliens did not give you an anal probe. Alex Jones is a kook. That is all.

From: Harlingtonjones@****.com
Subject: Well done !!

..and you wonder why the rest of the WORLD..hate you?

God save me I belong to a country which has backed a pack of sh*t like the good ole us of a..(notice the use of lower case letters!)..

May you rot in hell like the rest of you god-forsaken-mother-f*ckin’-right-wing-arseholes…!!

Rayguns knows! He’s already having hot spikes stuck up his arseholes already – Nancy next!

and then YOU! Nice. Enjoy!

Methinks you have already run into your next Vietnam and you’re not going to win this one either, the only problem you have and I have is that Blair has been sucked into this one and good British boys will die alongside your right wing scum! F*ckin’ yank sh*t bags!

“you wonder why the rest of the WORLD..hate you?” No, not really. I just assume that all the people who hate us are the sort of intellectual giants who spend their days fantasizing about who’s going to have hot spikes stuck up their ‘arseholes’ at some point.

From: Andrew Thompson
Subject: i hope you die


i hope that you are run over ny a train. i also hope that you have children and that they are terribly saddened by your death. then, after that they will realize what a f*ckface you are and vote for anyone on the left.

Well Andrew, when I finally do have children one day, perhaps with David’s sister =D, I’m sure it will be suave über-geniuses like you rambling on about f*ckfaces and wishing people death that will convince them to vote for ‘anyone on the left’. Look out Jonah Goldberg, Walter Williams, & Charles Krauthammer, you’ve met your match in Andrew Thompson.

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