Britain, Israel, and America: Much

Britain, Israel, and America: Much has been made of America’s “special relationship” with Britain and our support of Israel. American support for Israel puzzles other nations because they just can’t figure it out. Is it because of the enigmatic “Jewish Lobby?” Do Jews control the American media? Is it because we think Jews are “God’s Chosen People?” Not at all…

Americans actually respect and like Israel and Britain for the same reasons. Britain stood up to Nazi Germany as the other nations around them collapsed while Israel has defeated genocidal attacks from their entire region several times.

So what do we have? Two Democratic nations that were tough, prepared, willing to fight for what’s right, and who actually won when the odds were against them. That’s how America views itself. In particular, it’s how we view the American Revolution, WW2, and the “Cold War.” In short, Americans like Israel and Britain because out of the whole wide world, they’re the two nations we view as being most like us.

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