British Kids Can’t Handle The Truth? By Venomous Kate

Here’s another little item to add to the list of “Bad British Trends Bound To Catch On In America”.

“The word “fail” should be banned from use in British classrooms and replaced with the phrase “deferred success” to avoid demoralizing pupils, a group of teachers has proposed.

Members of the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) argue that telling pupils they have failed can put them off learning for life.

A spokesman for the group said it wanted to avoid labeling children. “We recognize that children do not necessarily achieve success first time,” he said. (Source: Reuters)

Deferred success. How… quaint. One has to wonder what other “labels” should be similarly re-written to avoid hurt feelings. I can think of a few:

Alcoholism = Deferred Sobriety.

Voluntary Unemployment = Deferred Productivity.

Sexual Promiscuity = Deferred Monogamy.

Abortion = Deferred Parenthood.

Domestic Violence = Deferred Communication.

Criminal Behavior = Deferred Legality.

Ok, your turn…

This content was used with the permission of Electric Venom.

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