Brown Better Get Prepared To Be Called a Poodle

Gordon Brown has disappointed some in the anti-war movement with his recent comments:

Britain’s new prime minister, Gordon Brown, has disappointed American and British critics of the war in Iraq by declaring that he believes the West is involved in a “generation-long battle” against radical Islamic terrorism, that he believes the American mission in Iraq is worthwhile, and that he will stand by President Bush in his efforts to promote democracy in Iraq and in the rest of the Middle East.

After a four-hour meeting yesterday, which followed a two-hour discussion with the president at Camp David over dinner Sunday night, Mr. Brown offered little encouragement to those who hoped that the departure of Prime Minister Blair from Downing Street would lead to a weakening of the traditional alliance between America and Britain or would diminish the British resolve in Iraq.

“We are at one in fighting the battle against terrorism, and that struggle is one that we will fight with determination and with resilience and right across the world,” Mr. Brown said at a press conference at the presidential mountain retreat.

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