“Brown Sugar” And Liberal Sexism

Here’s liberal blogger TBogg on Condi Rice,

“Oh oh….looks like a pouty Brown Sugar is going to ask Daddy to buy her another pair of Ferragamos Or invade another country.


So, is brown sugar an acceptable term for a black woman now? Is that like something that Rich Lowry can call Donna Brazile the next time they’re guests together on Hardball?

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And of course, Condi Rice must be sleeping with her “sugar daddy” George Bush, because she couldn’t have become Secretary of State on her own. Why not? Haven’t you noticed? She’s black, so, in the world of liberals like Tbogg, there’s no way she could have earned her position.

Where are all the touchy, liberal feminist bloggers who love to holler about the “patriarchy” and women being treated like sex objects — except when they enjoy being treated like sex objects — and you’re a sexist if you can’t figure out what mood they’re in right this moment — and why aren’t they screeching at TBogg?

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