Bush Doesn’t Owe Anyone An Apology For 9/11, The Terrorists Do

One other thing that irritated me about the press conference tonight was the idea that Bush should apologize for 9/11. What a load of horse puck! Maybe I just don’t remember it, but I don’t recall any demands for Clinton to apologize for the first WTC attack, for the Oklahoma City bombing, for the Khobar Towers bombings, for our African embassy bombings, for turning down Sudan’s offer to hand over Bin Laden in 1996, for the US Cole bombing, etc, etc, etc.

Moreover, do we hear these calls for apologies every time there’s a terrorist attack in Israel? Again, maybe I just missed this, but when was the last time Ariel Sharon was asked by an Israeli reporter to apologize because some Hamas terrorist blew himself up on a bus?

What about the police? If someone robs your apartment or house, do you ask the cop who comes to take the report to apologize because you got robbed? No, you place where it belongs, on the criminal responsible. And as far as 9/11 goes, aren’t the members of Al-Qaeda the ones who should be apologizing? They’re the ones who planned the attacks and carried them out.

But Al-Qaeda’s not running for office in November and Bush is. Besides, the whole idea that Bush should apologize fits in perfectly with the Democratic approach to the war on terrorism. They’d rather promote the false idea that we can win on defense, that we can prevent attacks solely by beefing up our internal security. So if something goes wrong, if an attack gets through, that means WE must have screwed up and we’ll just have to spend more money and give the government more power to deal with the problem. That allows Democrats to sit back, like Clinton did and Kerry plans to do, and pretend that we’re taking significant steps against terrorism while actually doing very little of significance.

But that’s the wrong approach if we want to make American more secure. So if anything, people should be thanking Bush for relentlessly hunting down the people responsible for 9/11 instead of asking him to apologize….

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