Bush Knocked Down The Towers?

“I saw this while driving down 3rd Ave. here in Huntington, W.Va. For some reason I thought even the liberals in this city were intelligent enough not to spew this kind of filth.

Not only is it not below them, they’re spray-painting it. If ever you were thinking “Maybe leftists don’t hate America after all” this really throws it into question for me.

Why, may I ask, does anybody honestly believe that the “Bush is behind 9/11″ theory makes any kind of rational sense?” — From RWN reader John Allan, in an email

As a side note, Mr. Allan noted that Michael Moore was seen running away from the scene carrying a can of black spray paint…just kidding. It was Cindy Sheehan — and she was walking away from the scene towards a Dunkin’ Donuts where she’ll be “continuing her fast,” which is now apparently in its 108th day…..Kidding, kidding, I’m just kidding about this whole last paragraph.

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