Bush Makes The Libs Holler With His Recess Appointments

Remember Sam Fox? He is the guy whom the Democrats were arrogantly blocking in the Senate because he dared to contribute money to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Well, Bush must have a little spine left after all because he gave Fox and two of his other appointees, that the Dems were blocking, recess appointments while the Democrats are off vacationing instead of funding the troops in Iraq.

This move has absolutely infuriated the left side of the blogosphere. Just imagine them shaking their pasty little fists in impotent rage as they wrote things like this,

“In a move that should disgust all and surprise nobody, the White House announced today that George W. Bush will recess-appoint Sam Fox, who gave $50,000 to the Swift Boat Liars to help finance their 2004 smear of John Kerry, to be the new U.S. Ambassador to Belgium.” — Bob Geiger

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“Now today, we have three atrocious recess appointments by George Bush.

One is a woman who thinks arsenic in drinking water is okay. She’s in charge of regulations, about things like arsenic in water.

The second is a man from the Cato Institute who is intent on privatizing Social Security, he is now Deputy Commissioner, at Social Security.

And then we have Sam Fox, our Swift Boat Liar Donor Scumbag. He is now an Ambassador of our country.

You think you can beat these guys with hope and the boy scouts? Good luck.” — The Huffington Post

“The White House realized there were not enough votes to confirm Sam Fox as Ambassador to Belgium following Fox’s actions to undermine the democratic process in this country by contributing to the Swift Boat Liars, who were responsible for the most dishonest smear campaign in recent history.” — Liberal Values

“What a Spiteful Little Sh*t the Bush-Brat Is!

I don’t really give a crap about the ambassador to Belgium. They are a gracious and intelligent people, and will endure 19 months of this twit with their accustomed aplomb, and excellent chocolates. Bush expending a recess appointment to push through the poop-chute a man whose only qualification is financing the smearing of a man who faithfully served his country in wartime serves only to remind everybody of what Bush didn’t do.

Good job there, Little Snot-Nose! Way to implement the promised “working cooperatively with the new Congress” you promised.” — CorrenteWire

Ah, nothing invigorates like angry liberal whining in the mornings! Tip of the hat to Bush for that and more importantly, for appointing Sam Fox. It’s bad enough that conservatives like Tom DeLay and Rush Limbaugh were targeted for prosecution for the most part because they were Republicans, but now you actually have Democrats trying to abuse the power of Congress to squelch Republican fund raising. The message they were trying to send with Fox, beyond putting some salve on John Kerry’s ego, was that if you donate money to Republicans, we will try to retaliate against you if we can get away with it. The idea that a guy like Fox would be prevented from getting an ambassadorship because he gave money to a group that exposed John Kerry’s lies about his war record was absolutely outrageous and Bush was right not to let it stand.

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