Bush Pushed Dubious Claim About Saddam’s Sanity By Scott Ott

Bush Pushed Dubious Claim About Saddam’s Sanity By Scott Ott: The American Psychiatric Association today challenged President George Bush’s pre-war claims that Saddam Hussein was a “madman.”

The original data for the assertion came from a British dossier which was based on a French summary of an Italian intelligence briefing intercepted by the CIA in Niger.

Experts now say a translation error led to an inaccurate assessment of Saddam’s mental state. The original transcript said “Saddam is an angry man.” However, after being translated through several languages, the British version stated “Saddam is a madman.”

“We believe that Saddam Hussein was a mentally-healthy despot,” said the statement from the world’s largest psychiatric association. “His strategic, deadly suppression of dissent and intentional genocide program could only have been achieved by a cold calculation which would have been impossible for an insane person.”

CIA Director George Tenet immediately released a statement blaming himself for allowing the White House to refer to the former Iraqi leader as a madman.

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