Bush Using Fear To Scare Seniors By Liberal Larry

From the day he stole the office, Bush has relied on scare tactics as a means to wield power over the masses. Now he’s sunk to a new low, using fear in order to persuade seniors that he’s not going to take away their Social Security, throw them out onto the streets, and laugh maniacally as they die in the gutter alone.

“Social Security is going bankrupt,” he says. “Let’s remove the time-tested social safety net and invest in the stock market instead.” Sounds like a perfect plan from the man who gave us Enron. His banker friends and stockbroker buddies will get even richer, and Grandma spends the winter frozen to the kitchen floor.

But Bush’s lies won’t go unanswered. Despite all the gloom and doom in his Disgrace of the Union speech last night, Democrats in Congress assure us that the Social Security system is perfectly healthy and will last until after most of them are dead and can’t be held accountable. Social Security doesn’t need to be “reformed” or “overhauled”, it merely needs to be “shored-up” with a modest hike in the payroll taxes, and then placed into a special “Lock-Box” along with Radar’s teddy bear and a broken fan belt.

You see, Social Security is a sacred promise. It’s a promise to the brave men and womyn who helped France win World War II that they could look forward to spending their golden years completely reliant on the benevolent federal government. It’s a promise to our young people, carefully numbered at birth, that as long as they vote democrat they will be forever spared the living nightmare of financial independence and self-determination. It’s a solemn promise, made in my name and without my consent, by people who know what’s best for me. And by golly, it’s a promise I intend to keep!

Satire used with the permission of Liberal Larry from BlameBush! You can read more of his work by clicking clicking here.

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