Bush’s Policy in the Middle

Bush’s Policy in the Middle East: Like a lot of people, I didn’t think W.’s Israel policy lately seemed to make a lot of sense. But it’s actually starting to look a master stroke. What do I mean? Just look at all the good things that have come about in the last 10 days…

– Countless numbers of terrorists have been killed and captured

– Huge numbers of weapons and weapon factories have been destroyed and confiscated

– Yasser Arafat condemned terrorism and is looking to call a truce

– Bush slammed Arafat publicly as hard as possible

– Although we allowed Israel to achieve most of their goals, we maintain the appearance of neutrality

– Sending Colin Powell gives the impression that we’re trying hard to negotiate for peace

– There is now a perception that the United States can’t control Israel which is good for both countries

– Once Israel pulls out, all the pressure is on the other nations in the Middle East and Arafat to restrain their people

– The beating the Palestinians took should start to make it plain to them that they’re not going to “win” using terrorism

– If Arafat fails to crack down on terrorism, the stage is now set to expel him, crush the PA, and reinstitute temporary Israeli military rule in the occupied territories

Let people criticize Bush if they want but this is coming up roses so far…

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