But he was just a ‘Bush creation’ and ‘figurehead’

The AP reports:

On Monday, an Iraqi legislator said authorities found telephone numbers of senior officials in al-Zarqawi’s cell phone after his death. Waiel Abdul-Latif, a member of former Prime Minister Ayad Allawi’s party, did not give names of the officials. But he said they included ministry employees and members of parliament.

He called for an investigation, saying Iraqis “cannot have one hand with the government and another with the terrorists.”

Now how could a guy like Zarqawi have had such information, if he were nothing more than a ‘figurehead’ and ‘Bush creation’ as the moonbat wing of the Democratic party have asserted …?

The same AP story reports other news, but misleads with the headline:

al-Qaida Leaders Sold al-Zarqawi to U.S.

Now if somene is scanning headlines at Yahoo News, or Google News, let’s hope they examine the story beyond the headline to get fully informed, because it’s not been confirmed (nor will it be) that AQ leaders sold out the ‘figurehead’ to the US. It’s the claim of Zarq’s first wife:

Al-Qaida leaders sold out Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to the United States in exchange for a promise to let up in the search for Osama bin Laden, the slain militant’s wife claimed in an interview with an Italian newspaper.

The woman, identified by La Repubblica as al-Zarqawi’s first wife, said al-Qaida’s top leadership reached a deal with U.S. intelligence because al-Zarqawi had become too powerful. She claimed Sunni tribes and Jordanian secret services mediated the deal.

Al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, died June 7 in a U.S. airstrike outside Baqouba, northeast of Baghdad.

“My husband has been sold to the Americans,” the woman said in an interview published Sunday. “He had become too powerful, too troublesome.”

She was identified only as “Um Mohammed,” which means “mother of Mohammed” and would be a nickname, not her full name. The Rome-based newspaper said the interview was conducted in Geneva and described her as Jordanian and about 40 years old.

In Jordan, Al-Zarqawi’s eldest brother, Sayel, said the family had not been aware of the woman’s whereabouts for about two years.

“I think a secret pact was struck whose immediate goal was his death,” she told the newspaper. “In return, the American troops promised to ease, at least momentarily, their hunt for bin Laden.”

Why was this woman, whose name has not been divulged (thus making her – for all intents and purposes – an anonymous source), given any credibility with the Associated Press via their publishing quotes from her interview with La Repubblica? Probably the same reason the AP gave credibility to an anonymous source (to be sure, he was identified as “Mohammed”, but that’s like a reporter quoting someone here in the US named “Joe”) who, shortly after Zarqawi’s demise, tried to claim that US soldiers beat Zarqawi to death. Anything to detract away from a victory for not only the US military but more importantly to the left, Bush. First it was “they beat him to death!!! US soldiers are animals!” and now it’s “US troops promised to ‘let up’ on the hunt for OBL if AQ leaders led them to Zarqawi’s (un)safe house!!!”

It never ends.

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