Can Al-Qaeda Force The Sick Men Of Europe To Capitulate? We Will See

I wasn’t going to comment on the 3/11 massacre in Spain because pretty much everything I wanted to say has already been said. Al-Qaeda murdered 200+ Spaniards and was apparently rewarded for it by the Spanish voters just as they planned. Jose Maria Aznar’s pro-American, pro-Bush government had a healthy lead before the attacks according to most (but not all) accounts I’ve seen, but lost the election because of the terrorist attacks to the America shunning, anti-Bush Socialist Party.

Was this a huge victory for Al-Qaeda? Yes.

Will this probably lead to more terrorist attacks across Europe? Sure.

Could this lead to terrorist attacks aimed at the US in an attempt to influence voters? That’s entirely possible although I don’t believe it would work here.

Will the ETA terrorist attacks in Spain become much more devastating? I’m sure there are homegrown terrorists all over Spain right saying, “If it worked for Al-Qaeda, it can work for us. We just haven’t been thinking big enough”.

But in retrospect, is anyone really all that surprised by Spain’s capitulation to Al-Qaeda and would anyone be surprised if this same tactic worked all over Western Europe? Well, you shouldn’t be. Spain, like the rest of Western Europe — Brits exclused for the moment — is in decline. Western European economies are choked by regulation, tariffs, high taxes, socialism, & massive government spending, their militaries are mediocre, their populations are declining, & they’ve lost confidence in the Western culture and traditions that helped make them successful in their first place.

The Ottoman Empire used to be known as the “sick man of Europe,” but now all of Western Europe — with the exception of the Brits — is sick and is therefore capable of being rolled by the likes of Al-Qaeda. Unfortunately, Al-Qaeda must now be aware of that because of their “success” in Spain. Therefore, I suspect that over the next year or two, Western European nations will regrettably become high priority targets for Al-Qaeda because of Spain’s dedition in the face of terror. And whether Western Europe finds its backbone or drops to its knees as the Spaniards did, they will probably have to wade through an ocean of blood before the war on terrorism is over.

All I can say is that America — at least George Bush’s America — is determined to take the fight to civilization’s enemies and kill them in THEIR HOMES, where THEY LIVE, before they can do it to us. Every terrorist who we kill overseas is one less terrorist who can fly a plane into an American building or plant a bomb on a European train. Since the terrorists are going to come for Western Europeans whether they crawl on their bellies like the people of Spain or stand shoulder to shoulder with us like the Brits, why not stand tall?

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