Can Hillary Clinton Still Win?

Short Answer: Yes, she can.

Long answer: Unless Hillary’s campaign completely collapses, which could conceivably happen if Obama keeps rolling up wins, she will probably be very close to him in delegates by the time the convention rolls around — and that’s without Michigan and Florida, which Hillary is saying should be counted (Of course, those delegates shouldn’t be seated, but politics isn’t always about fair and Hillary did win both of those states).

Then, we get to the super delegates. The argument the Obama people are making is that all the super delegates have a responsibility to vote for him if he has the most votes and delegates before the convention, but that’s complete and utter ga-ga. The whole reason the Democrats have super delegates is to knock off people like Obama if the super delegates don’t think he’s the most electable candidate.

Does that sound like an undemocratic maneuver designed to thwart the will of the people? If so, that’s because it is; but those are the rules the Democrats have put in place because their voters have a tendency to go for unelectable liberals.

On the other hand, does that necessarily mean the super delegates will go for Clinton? Not at all. In fact, they may decide that Obama is the more electable candidate, get swept up in Obamamania, or fear the political ramifications of choosing Hillary over Barack.

So the long and short of that is that it’s too early to count Hillary out of it yet. By the time it’s all said and done, she could still end up as their nominee and the Clintons, being the Clintons, are likely to use any and every trick in the book to make sure that happens.

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