Can We Stop Pretending That Terrorism Isn’t A Mostly Muslim Phenomenon?

An excerpt, in an article called, “LAPD Plan To Map Muslim Communities Angers Some Groups,” caught my attention,

“A plan by the LAPD counterterrorism bureau to create a map detailing the Muslim communities in that city was reported Friday to be angering civil rights groups.

At least three major Muslim groups and the American Civil Liberties Union sent a letter Thursday to top city officials raising concerns about the plan, The New York Times reported.

…For the LAPD or any police department to assume that one group is more terrorist or violent than another because of their religion alone, that’s a very scary phenomenon in our country,” a Muslim advocate group representative said.

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Ehr…“one group is more terrorist or violent than another because of their religion alone,” and that group would be Muslims.

That doesn’t mean all Muslims are terrorists. They’re not. That doesn’t mean all Muslims are bad people. They’re not. That doesn’t mean that Muslims are the only people that commit terrorism. They’re not.

But, let’s just say it like it is: if Allah were real and he called home every Muslim on the planet to heaven, where they would spend eternity cavorting with virgins, 99% of the terrorism happening back here on earth would immediately cease.

Since that’s true, since Muslims commit almost all of the terrorism currently occurring on the planet, if you’re concerned about terrorism, you are concerned about Muslims.

What we need in this county is for “Muslim advocate group(s)” to stop pretending that people are picking on them and to start addressing the problems inside their own house.

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