Cancer Cure To Get Human Trials

Well, well, here is a very interesting story about excellent progress in medicine here in Flyover Country < too snarky. News and Observer – Cancer cure in mice to get human trials

Clinical trials begin this week at Wake Forest University on a cancer therapy that has completely cured the disease in every mouse tested over the past few years.

The therapy involves the transfusion of white blood cells from cancer-resistant donors into cancer patients, letting loose a uniquely qualified army of disease fighters to attack the invading tumor.

Some scientists are skeptical about the move from mice to humans, but others are excited about the possibility of success.

I’ve been fortunate that very few people I know have gotten any form of cancer, though one childhood friend did develop a fatal brain tumor, and lost his life about 5 years ago. That said, I certainly hope that the clinical trials have success beyond measure.

No matter how many times the researchers tried to give the mouse cancer, it didn’t develop a tumor, and it didn’t die.

The mouse was immune to cancer.

Good luck! For all of us and future generations.

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PS: This one is for you, fez. I was going to hold off on this story till Monday, but, you wanted me to pay a different tune. Without sounding snarky, hope you enjoy.

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