Carolyn McCarthy Sued by Gun Owner

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) is a one-issue politician who first ran for Congress after her husband was executed for being Caucasian on the Long Island Rail Road in the infamous 1993 massacre. The killer was Colin Ferguson, a Frankenstein monster created by liberal ideology, who came to the USA from Jamaica and killed six random white people and wounded 19 others for being racists.

Since Ferguson, an oppressed person of color, couldn’t be blamed for the atrocity, Carolyn McCarthy decided it must have been his gun’s fault. She devoted her life to robbing law-abiding citizens of our constitutional right to bear arms.

This poster woman for liberal totalitarianism is in the news again after she apparently sent the police to seize the gun collection of Gabriel Razzano of Freeport, Long Island, after Razzano, who doesn’t seem to like her politics, made a scene at her office. His response has been to borrow a page from the liberal playbook by suing McCarthy and the Nassau PD for $5 million.

Too bad Razzano wasn’t on that train in 1993 with one of the legally owned guns they’ve confiscated from him. Not only might Denis McCarthy still be alive, we’d all be spared from having his horrid wife in Congress.

McCarthy has decided that only mad dog killers ought to have guns.

On a tip from Wiggins. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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