Carter On Hamas

Jimmy Carter, who was one of the worst Presidents of the last century and one of the worst Presidents in American history, keeps reminding the American people that he is still out there working hard to make people say, “I can’t believe that guy was ever President!”

Today, in a display of naivete befitting an 18 year old college drop out who has spent too much time listening to Noam Chomsky, Carter actually talked up Hamas on CNN:

“Carter told CNN in an interview that although Hamas were “so-called terrorists,” so far “there have been no complaints of corruption against [their] elected officials.”

He conceded that “there is an element within Hamas who deny Israel’s right to exist,” but compared the current situation to negotiations with the PLO, which was still outlawed as a terrorist organization during his presidency.”

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Hamas is a group of “so-called terrorists??????” They deliberately target Israeli civilians all the time and then gleefully take credit for the murders. If that’s not terrorism, there is no such thing.

Moreover, “There is an element within Hamas who deny Israel’s right to exist?” That’s like saying there is an element within the school’s chess club that is interested in playing chess. The raison d’etre of Hamas is to destroy Israel and take their land.

Also, isn’t it time for even ostriches like Carter to admit that Oslo and the negotiations with the PLO were a disaster, that they only made things worse? Arafat was a dictator who supported terrorism, helped shape the Palestinian culture of death, refused to make peace with Israel, and kicked off an Intifada. There wasn’t a hill of beans worth of difference between Bin Laden and Arafat except that Arafat had world leaders at his beck and call.

Have I mentioned that I can’t believe that guy was ever President yet?

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