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Little Green Footballs is holding its annual contest to vote for the Idiotarian of the Year. Who is the one person that you think made such a spectacular contribution to world stupidity that he or she rates the less-than-coveted award? The nominees are:

Hugo Chavez
John F. Kerry
Keith Olbermann
Mainstream Media
Kofi Annan
Cynthia McKinney
9/11 Conspiracy Theorists

Past winners are

2002 – Jimmy Carter
2003 – Rachel Corrie
2004 – Michael Moore
2005 – Cindy Sheehan

Since the winner can’t repeat, Jimmy Carter is no longer eligible for the award but perhaps could win the lifetime achievement award.

My thinking is that such a prestigious award should go to someone who actually can have an impact. That rules out Cynthia McKinney, John Kerry, Keith Olbermann, and the 9/11 Conspiracy nuts. I’m not really fond of blanket awards such as choosing the MSM. It smacks too much of a Time Person of the Year copout. So, I’m going to have to vote for Kofi Annan, always dependable for saying something worthy of this recognition.

On the more positive side, you can also vote for the Anti-Idiotarian of the Year. Who has done the most to fight the stupidities of the Idiotarian set. In honor of Oriana Fallaci, this award has been nicknamed the “Oriana.” The nominees are

John Bolton
Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Robert Spencer
Mark Steyn
Melanie Phillips
Oriana Fallaci
Canadian PM Stephen Harper
Australian PM John Howard
Pope Benedict XVI
Wafa Sultan
Stuck Mojo

This is a tougher battle. Going with my previous thought that it should be someone who actually can have an impact, I would normally go for one of the prime ministers or the Pope. I’m not a music fan of Stuck Mojo and I’m not really sure what they’re doing on the list. I deeply admire the courage of Ayaan Hiersi Ali and Wafa Sultan and they do deserve recognition for their bold stands against what has become of their own religion. They have risked more than many others in courageous statements against the tyranny and misogyny that they have suffered and observed in Islam. I’ve enjoyed the writings of Steyn, Phillips, and Fallaci, but Mark Steyn is clearly the most prolific and entertaining writer, yet still able to drive home some deep truths while using humor in his own inimitable fashion. That leaves John Bolton, who might not have had the impact that Harper or Howard have as leaders of countries, but he still stuck in there in a completely thankless and pretty hopeless job speaking truths that few wanted to hear. He was done dirt by the Senate, particularly the execrable Lincoln Chafee in blocking his nomination from even coming to the floor. Thus, in honor of his efforts in a job where he was truly surrounded by idiotarians, I chose him to be my candidate for Anti-Idiotarian of the Year.

Head on over to LGF and cast your own votes.

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