Charlie Sheen. Not Such A Good Guy?

Most of you have heard about the messy split-up between Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. But, the news reports don’t do it justice. Unless you read the 17 page declaration from Richards, you just can’t get the full effect. Here’s a summary of just SOME of the charges on each page (Of course, we should keep in mind that this is just one side of the story, but still…)

Sheen takes Zanex & Ativan with no underlying problem. He gambles heavily & lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars.” — P.2

Sheen lied about taking drugs, including Norco. Initially, after Richards was pregnant, Sheen wanted to abort the baby. Richards claims he threatened her and the baby if she told anyone about his drug use. Sheen said Richards stopping breast feeding and giving the daughter formula would cause the baby to become brain damaged or mentally retarded. — P.3

Sheen threatened to kill Richards and claimed she poisoned his daughter by having her vaccinated. Sheen threw a flower pot at the door. Sheen threw an office swivel chair at Richards. Sheen pushed and pulled Richards when she tried to leave with the baby. He then threw her keys at her car and dented it. Sheen threatened their pediatrician for giving the baby vaccinations. — P.4

Sheen promised to give up gambling and drugs, but didn’t. Sheen continued to gamble and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. He threatened to kill their dogs. He became paranoid and claimed 9/11 was a conspiracy. — P.5

Sheen fractured his hand punching the headboard after Richards asked him to help her with the baby. He was still gambling and taking drugs. He refused to let the baby get more vaccinations because he was afraid it would cause brain damage. He said he was addicted to Norco. Richards told Sheen she wanted a divorce. — P.6

A prostitute named Chloe Jones says Sheen paid her $15k for sex in the tabloids. Sheen threatens Richards numerous times. Sheen saws a picture of the two of them in half. Richards gets security guards to protect her daughter from her husband. — P.7

Richards files restraining orders on Sheen. Sheen misses birth of baby because he was making a bet. They get back together. There’s an intervention. Sheen goes to AA. Goes to detox. — P.8

Sheen hires security guards because he welshed on a bet and he received threats as a result. Sheen maintained a separate house despite the fact he and Richards were back together. Richards thought it was so he could have easy access to prostitutes. Sheen was addicted to betting. Richards found gay porn featuring what looked to be underage boys on his computer. — P.9

Sheen lost another $100,000 gambling. Sheen admits he has a “madam” and prostitutes emailing him, but says he only used them while he and Richards were separated. He said he would continue to gamble and look at pornography whether Richards liked it or not. — P.10

Richards said the marriage was over, but she wanted to wait until after Christmas to file for divorce. Sheen blew off time with the kids on Christmas Eve to gamble. — P.11

Richards tells Sheen she looked on his computer and found what looked to be under aged lesbian porn, under aged gay porn, and some sort of sex hook-up site Sheen belonged to that featured pics of his penis. Sheen didn’t deny any of that and said he had taken an AIDS test, but refused to show the results to Richards. Sheen shoved and threatened Richards. — P.12

Sheen threatens Richards again. Richards institutes divorces proceedings. Sheen tells her she’s “f*cking with the wrong guy” in front of the children and tells her she better not reveal what she knows. — P.13

Sheen calls Richards a “f*cking b*tch” and a “c*nt” in front of the children. Sheen shoves Richards down, in front of the children, and tells her that he hopes she dies. Sheen tells Richards he is going to have her killed. — P.14

Sheen admits that he’s using prostitutes again and refuses to see them at an apartment instead of the house even though he’ll be starting visitations with the children. Sheen tells Richards that he hopes she gets cancer and dies. — P.15

Sheen tells Richards he is going to have her killed and intimates that he will have her parents killed as well. Sheen refuses to comment on whether he had Chloe Jones killed and tells Richards she’ll never make it to court unless she agrees to joint custody. Richards gets another restraining order. — P.16

So what’s the “moral of the story?” There are a lot of them potentially.

— Money doesn’t buy happiness.
— Drugs and addictions ruin lives.
— Those “perfect people” out there? Their lives may not be so perfect.
— “Every time you see a beautiful woman, just remember, somebody got tired of her.”

The only thing I’d add to that is that if you marry a guy with Charlie Sheen who has a history of drug abuse and going to prostitutes, you better be REAL SURE he’s telling you the truth when he says he has reformed.

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