Che Guevara: Vile Commie

Yesterday, the New York Times ran a puff piece on that murderous commie swine, Che Guevara. Just get a load of the opening to article…

“Che Guevara is widely remembered today as a revolutionary figure; to some a heroic, Christ-like martyr, to others the embodiment of a failed ideology. To still others, he is just a commercialized emblem on a T-shirt.”

“(T)o some a heroic, Christ-like martyr”? Che Guevara? Could they have at least added, “but those people are either ignorant college kids who don’t know any better or Noam Chomsky clones who can’t go more than 5 minutes without talking about how much they hate America?”

Here are a few other lines from this nauseating piece…

“To the younger, post-cold-war generation of Latin Americans, Che stands up as the perennial Icarus, a self-immolating figure who represents the romantic tragedy of youth,” he added. “Their Che is not just a potent figure of protest, but the idealistic, questioning kid who exists in every society and every time.”

“…Che Guevara’s heroic image on a poster protesting the Iraq war.”

…””That’s what happens with icons,” said José Rivera, a Puerto Rican playwright and screenwriter who wrote the screenplay for the movie. “They are recycled and made to wear the clothes of a new generation that is discovering them. We’re not in the 60’s anymore, so Che will not have the same power he had back then, and we will have to discover him in a new way.”

Hey, since people are discovering Che Guevara in a “new way,” how about we try examining him the way Mona Charen did in her superb book “Useful Idiots: How Liberals Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First“. Here are a few details that most people may not know about that idealistic icon, Che Guevara…

“Che Guevara was a cruel fanatic. After Castro made him a commander of a resistance unit, he gained a reputation for harshness. A young boy in his unit was caught stealing a bit of food. Without a trial, the boy was shot on Che’s orders. After the revolution’s success, Che became state prosecutor. In perfect repetition of the Soviet model, he carried out death sentences on many men, including former comrades who refused to shed their belief in democracy. Guevara also holds the distinction of establishing Cuba’s first forced labor camp. In his will, he praised the “extremely useful hatred that turns men into effective, violent, merciless, and cold killing machines.”

What a fantastic guy, huh? What a “hero” for this generation to emulate. A communist who had his brothers in arms slaughtered by the state for wanting Democracy. And helping to turn Cuba into the hellhole it is today? That’s something to be proud of isn’t it?

Che Guevara was a vile piece of communist garbage and quite frankly, it doesn’t speak well of your character to wear a shirt with his face on it or for that matter, to write a puff piece about him.

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