Chinese Christian Separtist Groups Vow Attacks During Olympic Games

I keep waiting for that headline and yet it never comes. Nope. The headline is really this and gotta love MSNBC man, don’t say it, guys. Don’t. You. Dare. Say. It: “Chinese group vows Olympic game attacks.” A group, eh? Must be a Christian group! Oh, wait. The subheading says this: “Muslim separatists also claim responsibility for recent bus bombings.” No way. They’re Muslim?

Sorry for the heavy sarcasm, folks. Good grief. I am so sick of the political correctness. Did you read the follow up article? Yeah, it’s titled, “Moderate Muslims outraged at the terrorists hijacking the ‘Religion of Peace’ during the Olympic ceremonies which bring people of all cultures and faiths together.” I didn’t read that article either. Still waiting, after lo, these many years, for the millions and billions of peace-loving Muslims to stand up and take their religion back.

So, here’s the story. There’s the obligatory threatening video made by masked Muslim men, of course :

In the video, a man identified as Commander Seyfullah says the group aims “to target the most critical points related to the Olympics.”

“We will try to attack Chinese central cities severely, using the tactics that have never been employed,” he says, according to a translation provided by IntelCenter, a terrorism research firm based in Alexandria, Va.

Muslim separatists
Terrorism experts believe that the group is the same as the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, an underground separatist organization in the Xinjiang region of western China, which advocates independence for the area’s Muslim Uighur inhabitants. China often warns of the danger posed by the group, though some experts say the government exaggerates the threat as an excuse to suppress dissent against Chinese rule.

Another truth inadvertently revealed: Communist countries suppress dissent? I did not know that! I thought communist countries delivered superior medical care, supplied everyone with a job, and made sure all people were fed unlike the greedy capitalist nations that let people die in the streets, jobless and hungry.

The Olympic games should be interesting, indeed. A friend mentioned that Beijing hosting the games reminded him of Germany hosting the games before World War II. The point wasn’t to raise stature in the world, but to unite the country behind the communistic leadership. Well, we’ll see how that works for China.

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