Chris Matthews: White People Willing to Pick Up Black Heroes, If They’ll Win For Their Side

Chrissy Matthews remains clueless that support and opposition to Obama for the majority of Americans has nothing to do with the color of his skin. Opposition to Obama has much more to do with his policies and the controversial company he keeps. Listen to the advice he has for Obama:

MATTHEWS: You got to talk like a firebrand because if you‘re carrying their fight for them, they‘re going to like you. You know, a lot of white people root for black athletes because they‘re winning for the home team. People are quite willing to pick up black heroes, if they‘ll win for their side.

I believe that Chris is speaking more of himself than white people in general. Maybe I’m not the “typical white person”, but I would root for a black athlete because of their talents and skills. I’d also root for a white, hispanic, or any other race of person for the same reason. I’ll judge my politicians on a similar basis…their policies and ideals, not their skin color, charisma, or oratory skills. Is this stereotype that Matthews has uttered a view that many other liberal media types share, or does Chris just speak for himself? By the way, isn’t the “home team” America? Chris needs to get a clue.

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