Christian Doctors Forced to Artificially Inseminate Lesbians

There is no higher morality than that decreed by the State. Therefore, if individuals are constrained by their own, lesser moralities from assisting in the State’s crusade to mainstream homosexual depravity, they must be compelled:

California’s highest court has ruled that doctors in the US state cannot discriminate against gay patients on the basis of religious belief.

The decision was made after two Christian doctors refused to artificially inseminate a lesbian undergoing fertility treatment.

The doctors said that would have gone against their beliefs and instead told the patient how to inseminate herself.

Not good enough. Doctors must be compelled to participate in sick state-sanctioned travesties of families. One day the Government may even have the technology to force them to like it.

Liberalism is rotting America into a grotesque hybrid of a police state and a John Waters movie.

On a tip from Dave D. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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