Cindy Sheehan: Not A Very Nice Person

As you may have heard, Cindy Sheehan has bought property in Crawford, Texas with Casey Sheehan’s insurance money, and some details about that purchase have come to light. So, let’s take a moment and see how “The Rosa Parks of the Anti-War movement,” Cindy Sheehan, treats people when the cameras aren’t rolling.

First of all, Cindy Sheehan had to buy a piece of land because she had a fall-out with the man who had let Cindy and her band of malcontents set up “Camp Crawford” last year.

Sheehan and Mark Mattlage, owner of the 1-acre property where protesters have been allowed to gather, have had a falling out over scheduling and increased costs for liability insurance.

….Mattlage, who no longer lives near Crawford, said he is a registered Democrat but has not opposed Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq. He said he did not lend his land to the protesters for political reasons. Instead, Mattlage said, he was worried that someone would get hurt if anti-war advocates continued to assemble just off Prairie Chapel Road, leading up to the president’s ranch.

….He said he did not charge for the use of the land but did require the protest group to reimburse him for the cost of liability insurance, initially amounting to between $700 and $800. For subsequent gatherings, including Thanksgiving and then Easter, Crawford Peace House paid to put in electrical and water lines.

Mattlage said he had no idea so many Sheehan supporters would gather on his property, and he acknowledged some of what the protesters said about Bush and the U.S. in the war made him cringe.

…Despite some misgivings, the business relationship between Sheehan and Mattlage was friendly and, at times, jokingly flirtatious, according to an exchange of e-mails between the two, provided to the Star-Telegram by Mattlage.

The relationship began to sour somewhat, he said, when he recently learned on the group’s Web site that protesters planned to return to Crawford in August. He said he did not agree to let them use the land at that time because it coincided with his family’s plans to hunt doves. He said he also did not want Sheehan to use his property when Bush was at his ranch. “I just didn’t want his vacation to be interrupted. It was out of respect for the president,” Mattlage said.

He said he eventually agreed to let Gold Star Families for Peace use his land in August but only with the understanding that, because of the expected huge crowds, liability insurance costs were going to increase significantly to between $5,500 and $6,000. Mattlage said that, on the advice of his lawyer, he also told the protest group to sign a “hold harmless” agreement that would further free him of liability if something went wrong.

In a newsletter e-mailed to Mattlage and protest organizers on June 23, Sheehan told Mattlage, “I cannot in good faith accept the terms that you and your lawyers are holding us hostage with. … I fear we will have to find alternatives to using your land … “

Mattlage, in a phone interview, said Sheehan had initially agreed to pay the higher insurance costs. It made him mad, he said, when she later sent an e-mail to organizers suggesting he was holding her “hostage.”

Mattlage sent his one-time friend an e-mail back that said, “You can go away now.”

And Sheehan replied: “Okay. Bye.”

Once Sheehan couldn’t use Mattlage any more, that was the end of their friendship. Then, he was just another jerk holding them “hostage.” So, after Sheehan turned Mattlage into a “former friend,” she still needed land for her traveling freakshow to use. That’s when the lying started:

“Longtime Crawford resident Bobby D. Ramsey sold a little more than five acres to Gerald T. Fonseca, a New Orleans native who said he was displaced by Hurricane Katrina last fall. Fonseca was in Crawford along with hundreds of other war protesters when the hurricane destroyed his home Aug. 29.

Fonseca, who identifies himself as a Vietnam veteran and a member of Veterans for Peace, had been living more recently in Eagle Rock, Mo., with relatives. He has been in Crawford the past four weeks, staying at the Crawford Peace House.

While Fonseca’s name is on the deed as the land’s new owner, Sheehan’s protest group will use the property for this year’s Camp Casey, the peace camp named for Sheehan’s son, Casey Sheehan, a 24-year-old Fort Hood soldier killed in Iraq in 2004.

In September, Fonseca said, ownership of the land will be transferred to Sheehan.

Ramsey, who soon may find unexpected neighbors when protesters move into a huge tent on the property he sold, said he was unaware before the sale that it would be used by Sheehan to host Camp Casey in August.

“(Fonseca) said he was going to build a home and, one day, a shop (on the land),” Ramsey said Thursday, speaking from his adjacent property in Crawford. “He told me that Katrina wiped him out.. . . . It didn’t even occur to me that he could use it for this.”

Fonseca confirmed he never indicated to his new neighbors that the land would be transferred to Sheehan, but he said that was always the plan. He said the $52,500 used to pay for the property — a spread of rustic, wooded prairie with no houses — came from Sheehan and her Gold Star Families for Peace.

Fonseca said he acted as “an agent” for Sheehan, negotiating the purchase and closing the deal with Ramsey.”

Can you imagine being tricked into allowing Cindy Sheehan and her gang-of-idiots to move in on an, “adjacent property?” What a nightmare! And Sheehan and Company aren’t even bothering to cover up the fact that they lied through their teeth to get this guy to sell them their property.

To tell you the truth, this sort of behavior isn’t really surprising coming from a “professional griever” who used her son’s death as a stepping stone to fame and fortune. I mean, we’re talking about a woman who bought herself a new car before she bought a headstone for her son’s grave, so there shouldn’t have been a lot of doubts about her character before. But, just in case there were, this sort of open and shameless lying on behalf of Sheehan by her “agent” should remove them.

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