Clinton: Gitmo Horror Could Spark Muslim Brutality — Satire By Scott Ott

Former President Bill Clinton today said that if the scandal-plagued terrorist detention facility at Guantánamo Bay isn’t “cleaned up or closed down” then insurgents in Iraq may resort to killing Iraqis, and could even begin attacking U.S. troops.

“If the United States gets a reputation in the Muslim world of mistreating terrorist prisoners,” said Mr. Clinton, “It could unleash what sociologists call ‘the righteous brutality of the oppressed’ among the normally-peaceful followers of Islam.”

The former president said the backlash could include, “bombings, kidnappings and even beheadings. That’s the kind of future we may face unless we atone for the sins of Gitmo.”

This satire was used with the permission of Scrappleface.

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