Close Gitmo? Ridiculous!

Today’s Democratic Party is fundamentally incapable of dealing with terrorism in a serious and substantial way. Want evidence? Well, despite all the tough talk we heard from Democrats in the run-up to the 2004 election, now that the heat’s off, we have prominent liberals like Joe Biden & Jimmy Carter calling on the Bush Administration to close Gitmo.

Folks, how can the country count on the Democratic Party to fight against terrorism when the Dems don’t even seem to have the stomach to deal with the terrorists we’ve captured?

Furthermore, what exactly are we supposed to do with these foreign terrorists other than hold them at Gitmo? Presumably Jimmy Carter and Company wouldn’t support giving them military trials and then hanging them. You can also be sure that they wouldn’t support sending them back to countries like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan where the government in charge would make them “disappear.” Releasing them isn’t an option either. It would be madness to let an Al-Qaeda terrorist who might fly a plane into one of our buildings go free.

So what’s left? We could always funnel them into our court system, which is totally unsuitable for dealing with non-American terrorists, captured on foreign ground, and being held based on top secret info that really can’t be made public.

Oh, the left would just love that, wouldn’t they?

You’d have liberal lawyers coming out of the woodwork to represent the terrorists pro-bono, Democrat appointed judges would find technicalities to release them, and members of the MSM would fall all over themselves looking for military and intelligence gathering secrets they could post on their front pages.

Were this sort of disaster to come to pass, it would be especially ironic, since it has been liberals in the Democratic Party and the MSM who have been obsessively doing anything and everything possible since the beginning to gin up sympathy for captured terrorists who’d happily saw their heads off on video if they had the opportunity. Quite frankly, if Gitmo were seriously hurting America’s image with Islam worldwide, which truthfully I don’t think it is, it would primarily be because Muslims were taking the endless litany of wildly over-hyped complaints made by liberal Americans seriously.

So here’s a suggestion for Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden, Amnesty International and any other bleeding heart liberals out there who agree with them: How about you show a little bit more concern for American lives jeopardized by Al-Qaeda and a little less time trying to make life easier for the terrorists we’ve captured? The rest of us here in America would appreciate it…

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