Closer To The Borderline By Jeff Goldstein

Confederate Yankee, writing on the Border War, makes this interesting observation:

In 2004, the equivilent of 160 12,500 military divisions simply walked northward across the U.S.-Mexican border to disappear into our country’s interior. Opposing them is an apathetic federal government, a complicit media, an overworked Border Patrol, and now, the militia the Constitution intended.

Meanwhile, Barry Schweid for myway news is reporting that the U.S. will tighten border controls by 2008:

Americans will need passports to re-enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, Panama and Bermuda by 2008, part of a tightening of U.S. border controls in an era of terrorist threat, three administration officials said Tuesday.

Similarly, Canadians will also have to present a passport to enter the United States, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Canadians have been the only foreigners allowed to enter the United States with just a driver’s license.

An announcement, expected later Tuesday at the State Department, will specify that a passport or another valid travel document will have to be shown by U.S. citizens, the officials said.

These include a document called Sentri that is used for Mexico travel or a Nexus for Canada travel.

Until now, Americans returning home from Canada have needed only to show a driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification card.

Let’s hope all those itinerate suicide bombers with designs on destroying the US are planning on putting off their sojourns for another 3 years or so…

This content was used with the permission of Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom. You can read more of his work by clicking here.

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