Communism Works, The War On Terrorism Is A War On the Poor, And America is The Real Bad Guy!

This excerpt, from the Smirking Chimp Blog, is from a guy who has obviously been reading, way, way, way too much of Noam Chomsky’s unhinged theories,

“Increasingly, United States foreign and domestic policies are determined by a relative handful of cynical bourgeois, some of whom are not even US Americans. Their malevolence is exceeded only by their avarice.

True to their deceitful natures, the moneyed elite have contrived the “War on Terror” as an attack on those bold enough to violently oppose their enslavement. Yes, the latest campaign to enforce Pax Americana is simply a new front in the “War on the Poor and Oppressed.” Humanity has been embroiled in an epic struggle between the pecunious and impoverished since it developed agriculture, abandoned nomadism, and began the acquisition of wealth. Industrialization, consumerism, materialism, debt slavery, wage slavery, hyper-competitiveness, egocentrism, and the myriad of ills spawned by American Capitalism have catapulted the plutocracy into the stratosphere in terms of wealth and power. They are not about to quietly relinquish their ill-gotten spoils.

Despite the deepening misery and increasing numbers of indigent human beings, our corporate masters and their loyal propagandists assure us that the class wars are over. After all, the collapse of the Soviet Union and China’s rush to embrace “free markets” “prove” that Socialism and Communism are utopian failures. The United States and the countries it has conquered (sorry, that’s liberated), are meritocracies. For those of you in rags, riches are just around the corner. Simply get off your lazy posteriors and apply a little elbow grease. Such tripe rolls easily off the tongues of those pulling down six, seven or eight figure incomes, people who nestle safely within the confines of their gated communities and rest upon the comfortable support of their inherited or plundered fortunes.

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Yet far from having ended, thanks to the tireless efforts of Goldwater, Buckley, Nixon, Reagan, Cheney, Bush, and a host of other neo-fascists, the enduring socioeconomic struggle has reached a fever pitch. Tragically, the ruling elite have utilized their formidable agitprop to beguile the confused masses into believing that our depraved system’s victims (and their champions) are the enemy.” — Jason Miller

According to this guy, who’s writing at a popular liberal blog, America is the root of evil and we’re oppressing people like Osama Bin Laden & the rest of Al-Qaeda. So, naturally they’re just defending themselves from the evil fascist/capitalist oppressors who rule this country, “some of whom are not even US Americans” (cough, cough, Jews, cough, cough).

This is all soooooooo Chomskyian and soooooooo incredibly stupid. Communism has been an economic disaster everywhere it has been tried. America has done more good for the world than all the other nations combined. The terrorists aren’t attacking us because they’ve been wronged, they’re doing it because they’re evil people who are pursuing power. The “socioeconomic struggle has” (not) “reached a fever pitch.” To the contrary, the economy has been good since 2003 and most of the people classified as poor in this country live better than the middle-class in most of the rest of the world.

The guy who wrote this excerpt, Jason Miller? He doesn’t even have the most basic understanding of what’s really going on in the world today and the fact that places like the Smirking Chimp take him seriously enough to publish his work tells you a lot about the state of modern liberalism.

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