Condoleezza Rice Defends Ethics Of Dick Cheney By Marni Malarkey

After accusations that Vice President Dick Cheney’s January duck hunting trip to Louisiana with Justice Antonin Scalia has compromised the integrity of both men, Condoleezza Rice has spoken out in defense of Cheney and Scalia.

Dr. Rice, speaking on CNN’s American Morning regarding a number of matters, said that while she could understand “how it looked,” she was also certain that “if you get a group of men together in any situation — a hunting cabin, a restaurant, a boardroom — there is really only the slimmest possibility that they will discuss anything important. These are men, after all.”

Rice said that she not only doubted that “the words ‘Sierra Club’ or ‘Judicial Watch’ ever came up during that trip,” but that she also “seriously doubted that there were any issues of any significance discussed” by Cheney, Scalia and their cohorts, “unless you count snack foods, lying about your sexual prowess, 12 year old Scotch or cars as important.” An exasperated Rice added that “I’ve been working with men my whole professional life. Trust me, I know.”

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