Congrats, Kos + A Mehlman Teleconference

That pic is from an emailed promo for a RNC web video called, Weak And Wrong: Meet The Defeat-ocrats.

To the best of my knowledge, that is the first time either poltical party has actually used a blogger as a significant part of an attack ad. So, congrats to Kos for making history…making history for being such a weak, lefty peacenik — but still, making history!

Update #1: I just got off a teleconference with RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman and he was hammering away on this topic.

He pointed out that Lieberman is a liberal who opposed ANWR, opposed banning partial birth abortion, but that he was purged because he supported the war.

Mehlman added that shows that the Democratic Party is isolationist, defeatist, and blames America first. Additionally, he said that the Democrats want to cut and run in Iraq, which would let the terrorists win and he also noted that Lieberman’s loss shows that there is no room for anyone in the Democratic Party who doesn’t agree with the most liberal, most isolationist, and most defeatist activists.

My reaction? It’s great to see the RNC really going after the Democrats. If the Dems want to run as the wimp party, that’s just dying to give up and hand victory to our enemies in Iraq, then we should be calling them on it. It’s too bad Bush isn’t a little more active in going after these guys like Mehlman did today.

Update #2: Ladies and gentlemen, I do believe we have a meme developing. From Congressman Jack Kingston:

“The hijacking of the Democratic Party by the Hollywood liberals, Starbucks pacifists, and angry bloggers was confirmed last night when Connecticut Democrats actually tossed overboard their beloved senior Senator for a single-issue elitist liberal.

With this win, the outliers of the Democratic Party are signaling a clarion call of their own: join the cut-and-run caucus or you will be replaced by someone who will.

…it is sad that there is no room in the Democratic Party for a statesman and gentleman like Joe Lieberman. It is clear to me that the far left Democrats have no room for bipartisanship, they have no place for leaders that put principle ahead of polling, and they have no patience for any Democrat who supports the Global War on Terrorism.

Clearly, the Democratic Party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Scoop Jackson, and Joe Lieberman no longer exists.”

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