Connecting Dots for the Next 9/11

Using planes as bombs worked so well on September 11, Muslim terrorists just might try it again:

Private jets could be hijacked and used as “vehicle bombs” to target the public, the Government’s anti-terror chief has warned.

Due to current lax security at small airports, such attacks would be “relatively simple” to orchestrate, according to Lord Carlile of Berriew in report on how the UK is dealing with the terror threat.

In related news:

Students are being encouraged to learn how to fly planes in a project by the University of Salford. Eighty students from the University — mostly from Muslim, black and minority ethnic backgrounds — have flown a glider or trainer aircraft as part of the scheme.

The project — titled Festival of Flight — is opening doors and opportunities for students who have felt excluded from the world of flight due to their race and also aims to ground stereotype views of young people from black and ethnic backgrounds.

Crows Rozaidah Abd Rahman, who’s learning how to fly (and reassuringly even knows how to land):

Great moments are born from great opportunities. Festival of Flight will continue to give more opportunities like this to aspiring Muslim youth who have the passion, not just to fly but also to achieve their dreams in any other walk of life.

What kind of great moments and great opportunities? What kind of dreams? Ms. Abd Rahman continues:

The 9/11 and 7/7 tragedies have deterred the spirits of many young people, especially Muslims.

9/11 and 7/7 were really tough on Muslims. No doubt many were crestfallen at the disappointingly low body counts.

Somewhere in Phoenix, an FBI agent named Kenneth Williams is tearing out his hair.

Lenin said capitalists would sell the ropes used to hang them. Moonbats will provide Muslims with free ropes, and use taxpayer funds to teach them how to make nooses.

Coming soon to a skyscraper near you.

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