Conservative Judges — The Ones Who Actually Take The Constitution Seriously

As I was reading an ABCNEWS article about Antonin Scalia, I ran across this unintentionally telling line….

“Scalia is a hero of conservatives who favor a strict adherence to the actual text of the Constitution.”

Sadly, “a strict adherence to the actual text of the Constitution” will only make you a hero with conservatives, not liberals. Liberals make heroes out of judges who believe in a “living constitution” which is really nothing more than a polite euphemism for, “we’ll make up the law as we go along and claim it’s in the Constitution”.

If you want to know why we have these titanic dogfights in the Senate over judges, that’s why. Conservatives want to put judges in office who enforce the Constitution and the left adores judges who’ll implement their agenda. That’s what really goes on and I’m just surprised that ABCNEWS is willing to allude to it, even if it’s in a roundabout way.

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