Conservatives Vs. Liberals On The Poor

Over at the Daily Kos, someone named DarkSyde is riffing about how he doesn’t like the religious right. Here’s how he started things off:

“I’m not religious. I don’t see religious belief as inherently evil or fundamentally good. Martin Luther King Jr. based much of his objection to institutionalized racism on his religious convictions. Osama bin Laden ostensibly did the same with 9-11.”

So, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Osama Bin Laden are just flips of the religious coin? Oh, good grief. But, let’s not get distracted because that wasn’t the main point I wanted to cover. Here’s something else DarkSyde said:

“Every modern item on the neo-conservative agenda revolves around robbing from the poor and giving to the rich. Every item on the agenda of the religious right is carefully selected and promoted by neocons only if it facilitates or does not interfere with this goal. It’s not easy to sell an ideology that benefits the elite at the expense of the working class.”

Let me get this straight: the entire conservative agenda is all about stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich? Since the poor — being poor — don’t have any money to begin with, how can conservatives be stealing it from them to give it to the rich? Does that really make sense?

Moreover, let’s talk about who does more for the poor, conservatives or liberals. Liberals believe in giving poor people just enough government largesse to live on, to keep them under control and voting for Democrats. On the other hand, conservatives believe in finding ways to help people help themselves. For example,

— Conservatives believe in school vouchers, which allow poor children to get away from failing public schools and go to the sort of private schools that normally only the rich can afford. Liberals believe in keeping poor kids trapped in failing school systems because allowing them to go to private schools would upset the Dems’ political allies, the teachers’ unions.

— Conservatives believe in being tough on crime and keeping the sort of criminals who prey on poor neighborhoods locked up. Liberals treat the criminals like victims and work to get them set free as quickly as possible, so they can get back to terrorizing the same poor neighborhoods they came from in the first place.

— Conservatives believe in the 2nd Amendment, which benefits poor families that need protection in bad neighborhoods most of all. Liberals believe in gun control, which takes weapons away from honest families who need them and leaves them at the mercy of criminals.

— Conservatives also believe in low taxes, light regulation, and pro-business policies which keep the economy strong and give poor people the opportunity to get jobs. Liberals believe in high taxes, heavy regulation, and anti-business policies which make it harder for the poor to get jobs.

— Although there are more than a few RINOs out there who are pro-illegal immigrants, the overwhelming majority of politicians who are tough on illegal immigration are conservative and which Americans are harmed the most by illegals? Poor Americans who lose jobs to illegals and see their wages driven down. The vast majority of liberal politicians in Congress are open borders advocates and their policies are devastating to the poor.

If you’re a poor American, especially one who’s looking for more opportunities, not handouts, then you’re certainly better off voting for Republicans than Democrats.

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