Contact Your Senator About The Immigration Bill Today!

Folks, tomorrow — TOMORROW — the immigration bill is scheduled to hit the floor of the Senate. Most people seem to agree that this bill is balanced on a knife’s edge and it could go either way. That means one senator who gets one phone call, email, or fax that breaks the camel’s back could be the difference. And the stakes could not be higher.

These senators are ready to throw trillions in tax dollars away, they’re going to give tens of thousands of criminals a permanent z visa that will allow them to stay in this country for life, they’re going to demographically flood the Republican Party out of existence, and they’re going to leave the borders wide open for another 9/11 if this bill goes through. This is not a vote on one amnesty, folks; it is a vote on whether we’re going to have a string of amnesties, whether we’re going to secure the borders or not, and whether your children’s futures are going to be thrown away to line the pockets of corrupt businessmen and pad the vote totals of the Democratic Party.

In my book, there is no such thing as a “good” senator who supports this bill. Every decent thing these guys have done in their whole career is garbage compared to a vote for cloture on this immigration bill — and I mean a vote for cloture. If they vote for cloture and then turn around and vote against the bill, that means nothing. In fact, it’s an insult, because it means that they think their constituents are too stupid to understand that the cloture vote is where this bill will be stopped — if it’s going to be stopped at all.

So, pick up that phone, write that email, send that fax and do it TODAY! Let these guys know that a vote for cloture is a vote against conservatism, against the Republican Party, and a vote against America — and let them know how angry you’ll be if they betray this country by voting for cloture.

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The time is now, folks…

Here’s how you can get in touch with them,

#1) Pick up the phone and call your senators. You can get the numbers and/or email addresses of your home state senators here.

#2) Call the National Republican Senatorial Committee at (202) 675-6000 and let them know that you will not support the reelection of any senator in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate.

#3) Call the Republican National Committee at (202) 863-8500 (option 1) and let them know you will not support any candidate in 2008 who votes for the amnesty bill in the Senate

Again, if you don’t want to call them, email them or fax them.

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