Could The Colin Powell Endorsement Be The Moment That We Jump The Shark On The Idea Of A Blind America?

It has been hard to escape the fact that the Left has completely given up on the idea of a color blind America. The Democratic Party openly advocates discriminating against white Americans via Affirmative Action and black Democrats were voting for Barack Obama at a 90% clip by the end of the Democratic primaries based on his race.

Now, the word out is that Colin Powell is going to endorse Barack Obama. It hasn’t happened yet and perhaps it won’t, but if it does, why would it happen?

What are the chances that someone like Colin Powell would endorse, let’s say, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton? Zero, right? So, why would a prominent Republican like Colin Powell, who was a major player in the Bush Administration, endorse Barack Obama? Despite what he may say, there would be one reason for it and one reason only: because he’s black and he wants to support a black candidate.

When we get to a point where even Republicans are saying race is more important than ideology, I fear for the future of this country and wonder if we’re headed down the road towards the sort of tribalism that ruined so many countries around the world.

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