CPAC Update: Mitt Speaking

Mitt is speaking now and I am waiting for the inevitable drop out. I wanted to be in the hall so I could get it on video, but a bunch of bloggers were eating lunch with NumbersUSA and got there a little too late to make it in. Let’s face it, it’ll be kind of a downer anyway.

PS: The Flip-flop Mitt dolphin was wandering around. I told him I was surprised that he was still around. I thought he was with the Brownback campaign. I would definitely vacate the premises before Mitt finishes speaking. Not that he’ll be savagely beaten or anything for mocking Mitt in a convention full of new Mitt fans on the day Mitt drops out but, ehr, it probably wouldn’t be a fun experience.

Update: Mitt’s done. Lots of chatter. No booing. No gnashing of teeth. Supposedly Mitt is going to endorse McCain tonight in Baltimore, Why not endorse him here? That would have meant more.

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