Creeping Fascism in Europe: Press Regulation Coming — By Rusty Shackleford

What is the lesson to be learned here?

1) Muslims threaten Europe with boycotts and violence and demand press regulations.
2) Europe begins the process of outlawing images deemed offensive to Muslims.

Lesson: If you want Europe to adopt sharia (Islamic) law, simply threaten then.

My guess is that next Muslims will demand an end to public displays of pornographic material, something common in Europe. Also expect a demand for the prohibition of Christian missionaries trying to convert Muslims in the near future, sex-segregates schools, and tax supported mosques.

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In fact, European Muslims are already demanding all of the above. Given that native Europeans have a very low birthrate, Europe has high numbers of Muslim immigrants (legal and illegal), and that Muslim immigrants have a very high birth rate, it is only a matter of time before Europe once again becomes part of Dar al-Islam. But I had always supposed this would be a hundred years or more in the future. But if Europeans are willing to cave to the fascistic demands of a minority that is still rather small, it seems inevetable that as that minority becomes larger they will cave even faster.

Could Europe adopt Islamofascist sharia law long before Muslims become a majority on the Continent? It seems more likely every day.


The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday.

Sure, the code will be ‘voluntary’. We believe you.

And if the EU doesn’t adopt ‘the code’, Muslims in the U.K. are pressing for one. Clarity And Resolve:

Muslim scholars holding emergency talks called for a change in the law to stop insulting pictures of the Prophet Muhammad being published.

Officials from the Muslim Action Committee (MAC) meeting in Birmingham also called for the Press Complaints Commission code to be tightened to restrict British newspapers from following European media in printing the caricatures.

A protest march from Trafalgar Square to Hyde Park on February 18 involving around 50,000 Muslims would be staged, Shaikh Faiz Saddiqi, spokesman for the MAC, said.

Birmingham, I would note, is home to a notoriously radical group of followers of Omar Bakri Mohammed. Bakri has said that the cartoon blasphemers should be executed. It was Bakri’s followers who staged the London demonstration where signs such as ‘behead those who insult Islam’ were seen.

This content was used with the permission of the The Jawa Report.

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