Criticizing the Environment They Helped Create By Michael “A.J. Sparxx” Illions

Black community upset that more qualified black police officer PASSED OVER for a promotion given to a minority. I love it. Welcome to Affirmitive Action, Baby:

Black community leaders and officers are decrying the Denver police chief’s decision to pass over a highly qualified black commander for a top leadership position.

Chief Gerry Whitman told officers Tuesday that he plans to promote District 1 Cmdr. David Quinones to division chief of special operations on Feb. 12.

Quinones has been serving as the interim division chief of patrol since early January, when the former division chief retired. Mary Beth Klee currently serves as division chief of special operations, but she will be moved to oversee patrol.

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Quinones, a 21-year veteran of the department, was vying with four others for the promotion.

All of sudden, the best one for the job matters:

“She had the ability to communicate desires and goals for the police department,” said Burleson. “She was head and shoulders over any of the other candidates. I’d say unequivocally she was the best qualified. The question is, why did she not get the position?”

Here’s why, because affirmitive action gives the promotion that best meets quota’s not skill set:

LaCabe, who is black, pointed out that the decision to promote Quinones allows a Hispanic officer to rise into leadership.

“You can’t reach the conclusion there’s no commitment to diversity because one appointment disappoints people,” LaCabe said.

Apparently, diversity and affirmitive action only counts when a white gets screwed over and a black benefits from it.

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