Curfew May Conflict With John Edwards Ability To V.P. By Steve Tanner

John Kerry’s selection for running mate has been out of the public eye for the latter part of the campaign. Democratic supporters are beginning to show their concern if Edwards will be able to perform as second in command.
“Edwards is as involved in this campaign as he can be.” Said DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe. “He is currently fulfilling a groundation assigned by his parents for breaking a curfew. We expect John to rejoin the campaign shortly.”

Sources claim Edwards had been given a 9 pm curfew during the campaign. This is an extension from his previous 8:30 curfew prior to his V.P. selection. Edwards, who was campaigning in Ohio, had apparently lost track of time and did not return to his hotel until 11:19. This was followed by restriction to his room until he can learn to follow directions.

McAuliffe continued to assure voters John Edwards will have no obstacles restricting him in assisting the management of the nation. “Edwards has been giving permission to ride his bike alone on Pennsylvania Avenue, he may attend overseas conferences as long as he has a signed note, and during times of crisis he will be allowed to extend his bedtime by 2-3 hours.”

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