Cynthia McKinney: Government Murdered 5,000 People During Katrina And Dumped Them In A Swamp

Former Democratic Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate, Cynthia McKinney, is in the news again because she claimed that the government murdered 5000 people during Katrina, dumped their bodies in a swamp, and then covered it up.

“”In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, I had a woman, I’ve never really said this in public, out loud, in front of a lot of cameras, and there’s a lot of cameras in this room now. I had a mother to call me because her son had a very gruesome task. Her son’s charge by the Department of Defense was to process 5000 bodies that had received a single bullet wound to the head — and these were mostly males. And her son was afraid to talk because he signed a silence agreement. So, he only complained to his mother. But, the date about these individuals was entered into a Pentagon computer and then reportedly, the bodies were dumped in a swamp in Louisiana. This is as a result of the tragedy of hurricane Katrina.

Now I have no…no…I have verification from insiders who wish to remain anonymous, at the Red Cross, that this is true. I suspect that these were prisoners. And so, you know, this investigation of the whole prison industrial complex is extremely important. And it should not end with just a question of the nature of prisons in our country, but these five thousand souls also need some justice too.” — Cynthia McKinney

Here’s the video if you can’t believe that even Cynthia McKinney could say something this dumb,

So 5000 people were killed by the government during Katrina. Well, rather than shooting holes in this myself, let me just quote Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air,

Wouldn’t the families of these 5,000 prisoners wonder what happened to them? And which prisoners, specifically, have not been accounted for? At least a few names of people who were in Louisiana state custody before Katrina and then not in custody afterwards would provide a starting point for any investigation. And it’s possible to lose a few bodies in the Louisiana swamps, but not even that legendary territory could hide 5,000 of them at once without a few of the locals taking notice.

The really disturbing thing about this sort of conspiracy mongering is that it has become so commonplace that few people seem immune to it anymore. For God’s sake, this is a person who’s supposed to be one of our best and brightest — she’s a former Democratic Congresswoman and yet she’s a drooling loon.

Want to know what’s really sad? There are probably at least a dozen other people in Congress who are just as mentally challenged as Cynthia McKinney and guess what? As long as they’re in office, they’ll be ferociously supported by the Democrats, protected by the mainstream media, and voted back in by their constituents. In fact, the only reason Cynthia McKinney isn’t in Congress today is because bizarrely, Republicans could vote in the primary in her district and they took an “anybody but McKinney” stance.

That’s the nature of the beast these days. If you’re crazy enough, you just might end up helping to run the country.

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