Dahmer’s Ukrainian Cousins: This is

Dahmer’s Ukrainian Cousins: This is one of the more bizarre stories I’ve seen lately…

“Ukraine’s police have arrested three men and a woman on suspicion of murdering five people and then eating their flesh.

“During the last case they killed a young woman in a forest and then cut out fleshy parts of the body and ate them . This is horrible,” a spokeswoman for police in central Ukraine said on Monday.

She said the four suspected cannibals were a husband and wife, her brother and a friend.”

It’s so hard to believe that a “husband and wife, her brother and a friend” all just agreed one day to go out and eat someone. I can just imagine the first conversation they must have had about the subject….

Husband: Hey, have any of you ever fancied eating someone?
Wife: (Slaps husband on the shoulder) Naughty boy!
Husband: No, no, I mean actually eating someone…you know like grilled or fried?
Friend: That is so gross!
Brother: I bet they’d taste like chicken! Everything does you know…
Wife: I don’t know that I’d like to eat someone, but if I were going to eat someone it would be that horrible Tammy Jones!
Friend: Eating someone would be the ultimate experience wouldn’t it?

Add two cases of beer and about another hour of conversation and you can figure out about what happened from there….

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