Daily Kos Diary: Our Sons And Daughters Need To Realize That Choosing To Be A Soldier Means A Decision To Place Themselves Among “The Damned”

Liberals get huffy when conservatives suggest that a lot of libs just don’t support the troops. However, the honest truth is that a lot of liberals, well, just don’t support the troops. In fact, they have such loathing for our men and women in uniform that even though it hurts them politically, they still can’t help but let their contempt for the military seep out.

For example, over at the Daily Kos, the most popular liberal blog on the planet, there is a Daily Kos Diary written by Populist Party AKA Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D.. It’s called Young People of America…Rise Up and Rebel!

As you read these excerpts from the article — and this an article from the Daily Kos, not something written by a commentes — you tell me if this liberal, writing on a wildly popular liberal blog, supports or even likes and respects the troops…

“Just over 50 years ago it was No Gun Ri. Then My Lai. And now Haditha.. and, as (headlines declare), even more mass murders, most recently in the Iraqi villages of Ishaqi, Hamdaniya, Latifiyah, and Yusifiyah; young men fresh out of high school, frustrated by life, with nothing better to do than to sign up as mercenaries ready and willing to kill for their country, yet, as always, afraid to die and angry as hell as a result of buddies (comrades-in-arms) having been killed, everyone of them having been thrown into a world of cultural confusion and death wanting nothing more than an opportunity to return home, body and mind unimpaired.

…The new training program, technically referred to as “Core Warrior Values,” an effort to enable soldiers to discriminate between who they should as opposed to who they should not be willing to kill; that is.. that it is proper for them to be chomping at the bits to kill the “bad guys,” those armed with guns eager to kill them, but better for them to hold back a bit when it comes to the “good guys,” women, children, the blind, and old men (especially those found to be sitting in wheel chairs). Something like training an American Pit Bull to viciously rip apart, that is, to devour, its prey, and then in midstream, amidst the chaos of an enraged battle, ensuring that the avenger will gently back off choosing to show mercy for those disinclined to fight back.

…Our children need to be told the truth.

Our sons and daughters need to realize that choosing to be a soldier means a decision to place themselves among “the damned,” since no matter what they end up doing while on the field of battle, they will eventually be damned.. damned if they do and damned if they do not. Realizing that compliance with a superior’s order to shoot and kill the enemy may well lead to the damnation (the self-extirpation) of one’s soul.

…Because our country has become the world’s leading producer as well as supplier of military weapons and technology, the world’s primary advocate of war, a warmongering nation that requires the destruction of all who threaten its right to dominate the world, our children need not presume that they have a moral responsibility to support the military establishment.

…I beg the young people of this nation to consider the ominous proposition that, as it was in the days of Nuremberg when the Nazis were held responsible for crimes against humanity, when the leaders of the German nation dressed their children “in brown shirts” reminding that they had a moral obligation (a national duty) to fight for the Fatherland, it will be the same for the leaders of our nation, as well as for those who blindly allow themselves to be coerced into fighting for our country, a nation having come under the nefarious control of malefactors convinced that our nation has been given the right, the God-ordained responsibility, to oversee the planet, to, in fact, rule the world.”

Does he like the troops? Judging by that last paragraph, which compares our soldiers to Nazis, I don’t even think he likes America. Unfortunately, after reading a lot of liberal blogs, the only surprise here is that he was so open about how he feels…

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