Daily Kos: Fighting Corporate Media Consolidation Is More Important Than Fighting Terrorism

If you’re not convinced that defending America from terrorism has become a partisan issue, then you need look no further than the latest poll from the Daily Kos:

That just goes to show you the mentality with which Democrats approach terrorism now that they think it’s not an important electoral issue because Joe Lieberman lost his primary.

At this point, less than 5 years after 9/11, amazing as it may seem, what it all comes down to is that…

— Democrats have forgotten 9/11 and Republicans haven’t.

— Republicans take fighting terrorism seriously and Democrats don’t.

— Republicans believe we’re in a war on terrorism and Democrats don’t.

It sad, it’s shameful, but defending America from foreign threats is every bit a political issue as abortion or gun control and — yes, there is one Party that believes in stopping terrorism and one Party that doesn’t.

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