Daily Kos Quote Of The Day: “I’ve Been Informed That Because I Support HRC That I Don’t Belong Here Anymore.”

Ooh, fight, fight, fight!

“I’ve been informed that because I support HRC that I don’t belong here anymore. I’m not close enough to the grass roots.

I marched in protest to the Vietnam war. I voted for the democrat in every election since I was old enough to vote. I raised a politically aware kid. I decried Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and Bush II for their policies.

I was an early adopter of obtaining my news from blogs.

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I am a social liberal. I believe government should butt out of our personal lives… but help those who have been left out, turned out, and turned off.
But now, KOS has decided I am not good enough to matter. I have been left out, turned out and turned off. Me and close to half of those who have thus far voted in the primaries.” — nellre

Oh yeah, the wounds are just going to heal right over after Hillary or Obama captures the nomination…

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